ix weddings

IX (120) IX (119) IX (121) IX (125)As you all know, IXmedia is a big fan of weddings.  we recently saw the cutest grooms attire ever. We  just love when people allow their personalities to show through their weddings. Tradition is important, but then again, ” we  thought you were the king.” Get it? from the movie Coming to America?   All we are trying to say is, it’s OK to scrap tradition every now and then.

in a what could and can only be best described as a fairy tale wedding

This groom opted out of wearing a regular tux, instead

the future awaits


A traditional Indian Attire! IXmedia loves it!

we totally love this couple by the way. we don’t know yall, so don’t get mad at me for posting your pics! we just love it! Take it as a compliment.

Enjoy the rest of the pics…


So cute, that all the groomsmen had on the Indian attire also.

Ixmedia is so proud of Nigerian designers…check out the bridesmaids
Another set of bridesmaid..Nigerian designers should not be played with!


Back to my new fav. couple at their engagement ceremony! we just love them.


amp;q=10.5230555556,7.44027777778 (Kaduna)&t=h” target=”_blank” rel=”geolocation”>Kaduna(south and north) due to nations current security situation, unaccustomed to seeing so many strangers at once and especially unaccustomed to the fine airs and graces of upper tendum, stopped, stared, and wondered. Let their pictures SPEAK.[/caption]

5 thoughts on “ix weddings

  1. waow..and boy i was there.felt like the sermon by that Rev. Chris Delvan should continue non stop. That man of God is simply of a different stock! plus i recently listened 2 his msg ‘Governors by creation’…Jesus Christ!


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