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brainy cover originalIMG_20150830_202158ARTISTE PROFILE FOR BRAINY
Certainly not your everyday star wannabe this is one act who stands out
With a style distinctive and distinguished by his sound one could say he is a combination of what

we want and what we missed from music industry Originality
Brainy is here to blend in but instead stands out born EHIS UHUNAMURE,a native of EDO STATE Nigeria,

where he also had his high school education at word of truth high school, he holds a National Diploma in

Mass communication from the federal polythenic. Auchi and graduated close to the top of his class simply

cause he hates the bottom in 2011,

he loves music as evident in his perseverance and decision to go into music fully and professional in 2012 with hits singles that rocked the Lagos airwaves SHIVER came like a storm to most radio presenters who were craving for that niaja sound, right after that he gave the clubbers what they needed with SHE WAN DANCE of course she danced till her feet’s sore that’s how it goes when that sound hits with in which he collaborated with his producer and friend Pherari, more sounds came right after that a follow up to his hit song making lyrics includes songs like FREESTYLE, SUGA BANANA and OSAMAGBE don’t believe the hype? be the judge!!!! Thank me later#
Presently freshly recently released is IYAIBEJI and its already trending
….I LIKE YOU!!!!!!
And that’s the popular cash catch phrase, music to him is his opium and a medium with which he uses to pass his message…did I forget to mention that Brainy is a journalist? And that he isn’t just a rising star but an idea whose time has come a star about to shine…so just in case you thot this is all there is to him he gets back to the school to pursue his HND (Higher National Diploma) all for the sake of the music he loves so passionately so that he can be better equipped to chase his dream of bringing music that enlightens, educates and most of all entertain.
Brainy isn’t an upcoming artiste coming up fast he is an artiste in your face and in your ears. Listen to his sound