The blackbery

The Blackberry

Posted in Ix-magazine 05. August, 2011

A few years ago, most of us knew the blackberry to be ‘just fruits’. Well
technically they still are. But everything changed when some gay ass
Organization called RIM decided to create a device with the same name. This has
made all reference to the fruit seem a bit extinct. I dunno why they gave it
that name, because I can’t see what the two have in common.

People tend to make their lives revolve around their blackberries. Some
people wonder ‘how could such a small phone have so much power’? Believe me… it

With stuff like this going on, people without the device envy those with it
and would sacrifice anything just to have the device in their pockets. And once
they get it, they become bent-necked thumb-clattering zombies. Is it necessary
for life?

Some blackberries are valued above everything else. It is only plastic, some
metal and microchips, but the way people handle them, you’d think it was
something else.

Now to BBM! Blackberry messenger is an instant messenger application included
in all blackberry devices, and is supposed to be just that. But some people have
turned it into some sort of autobiography app for registering minute to minute

And with the way people act with the device in their hands, it’s pretty easy
to imagine what’d happen if their phones fell to the floor or something…

Sent from a Blackberry Device. Because you care and it somehow makes a

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