beautiful black skin

Are you  taking care of your beautiful black skin?
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Whether you’re butter pecan, dark chocolate, or anything in between, you
can have an amazing beautiful supple skin! for all seeking a healthy and radiant
skin, you should remember that what you put into your bodies and how you treat
your skin have great impact on how you look. Therefore, you should take the best
care of your skin.
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Drink water. Drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day will keep your
skin hydrated and help your skin to become glowing and radiant. Drink throughout
the day in small amounts to let the water absorb properly.
A well balanced diet is essential for a supple skin. It is advisable to
increase your daily inake of omega-3fatty acids, by including more salmon,
mackerel, sardines or nuts in your diet. Fish oil capsules  could serve as
Antioxidants freshen your skin and make it more youthful. They help protect
your skin from the sun damage and play crucial role in keeping skin healthy.
Antioxidants are vitamin A, C, E, B complex and minerals such as magnesium,
zinc. You can find antioxidants in oranges, garlic, carrots, berries, nuts,
apricots, spinach, and tomatoes.
Sleep is an important step to radiant skin. Try to get 7 or 8 hours of
sleep a night. Lack of sleep gives you bags and dark circles under your eyes and
will defeat your quest for radiant skin.
Wearing sunglasses can also be a step on your way to the radiant skin you
want to have. Sunglasses will cut down on wrinkles from squinting and help
shield sensitive skin around the eyes from sun damage
Perhaps the hardest step to radiant skin is to aim for a well balanced life
to reduce stress. Life can be always changing and balancing it can be very hard
some days. But trying to balance your life can actually help your skin to become
more radiant just by reducing your stress.
Taking a regular outdoor exercise is good for you. Exercise gets the blood
moving and creates a healthy body. In addition, you can get lots of fresh air,
which will benefit your health and skin. Of course, you should avoid long-time
exposure to chilly wind, cold air and sun. The damage done by ultraviolet rays
is long lasting and cannot be reversed.
Exfoliating your skin at least twice a week is also a step to achieving
radiant skin. Exfoliating with a loofah sponge or any type of body scrub will
help rid your skin of the top layer of dead skin cells. Washing off the dead
cells will keep your skin looking new and healthy.
Always take off your make-up before retiring to bed. your skin needs to
breathe, certain make ups contai harsh chemicals, keeping it longer on your face
can give rise to skin infections.
Don’t apply soap to your skin. After exposure to pollution all day,
chemicals only make your skin worse. Use Ph balanced cleanser or for a home made
alternative use flour!
Wash your skin with milk as many times as possibles. Milk is a natural
cleanser and cleans the skin to the pores. It takes away the dry skin and dirt,
which makes your skin clean. Regular usage of milk also lightens the skin
Honey is a natural bleach and is great to remove skin darkness, black
patches and tired looking skin. Regular usage of honey, lightens the skin
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So the next time you think radiant and supple skin is exclusive to
celebrities, think again!
Mary Shonibare


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