And it goes like this
Let it be sunlight
Across the world
to all the broken hearts
And all the broken dreams
Living in the boulevard
of broken promises
Let it be sunshine on all
The dreams that never will be
And the smiles that turn to frowns
For the friends who become foes
And the foes now friends
Let it be daylight in all you do
For if every heart was to bleed
For the pains You have caused
You self would bleed….
Let it be Sunrise
For all those
who stood by you
Through the pain
Who saw good in you
Even if there wasn’t
Those who left their dreams
To build yours
May their dreams come true

One thought on “IX ARTICLES

  1. So I put pen to paper,
    fingers to key pad,
    my intentions
    to scribble
    out words
    that wud provoke
    ur heart to sing
    a new song,
    and ur thoughts
    to grow wings
    And soar like an eagle…
    but words fail me
    for words are futile
    and actions are sterile
    like water down the nile…
    I wait for ur smile
    Thru da storm call life
    A dream waiting to come
    A new dawn awaits


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