At IX media and magazine our editorial team are always on the look out for what’s fresh and new. That’s why we dedicate much of our coverage to fashion trend and events.

If you believe you can help us in our mission we’d love to hear from you.

What We’re Looking For

IX Media and Magazine has a certain view of the world of fashion and we’re looking for content that sits in line with it. In a nutshell that view is that fashion is a projection of who we are or wish to be.

In particular though we need two things:

  • Excellent photo shoots. Fashion on the web and in print is a visual medium and in return for helping to push that visual medium we’ll work hard to reward each photographer and their work with great exposure.
  • International content. We enjoy our frequent flyer miles, but we can’t spend every day travelling. As such, we’re always looking for writers who can help bring us a unique, local perspective on the fashion scene. Perhaps local fashion show, weddings,partiesor street style  are your thing. Please note that we often need photos to accompany articles.

If you believe you can help us with our mission and what we’re looking for please do get in touch by contacting our editor, ( or(


8 thoughts on “Contribute

  1. look around you am sure there are things you would like to report to the world,funny pictures and articles,jokes and so many interesting stuffs that you just cant wait to gossip about,send us those materials,lets all have a laugh,plus the good ones would be published on the magazine,thanks


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