IMG-20170111-WA012IMG-20170111-WA011IMG-20170111-WA010IMG-20170324-WA016IMG-20170324-WA017IMG-20170324-WA018Dear Beloved fans
it feels good to put pen to paper once again and also feels good to let you all now that after a 3 years hiatus we are BACK!!!…YES AND WE PROMISE loads of goodies and freebies….to all UPCOMING DASHION HOUSES MAKEUP STUDIOS,BUDDING ARTISTES AND UPCOMING…we aare here to serve you BIGGER BETTER AND BOLDER….ENOUGH SAID


  1. Woo,nice work,but I will suggest we go deeply in showcasing the African life style,like the way the dress should give a really picture of that particular tribe either arewa ,Yoruba or Igbo,and also we should work on producing a rich article that will not only inform our readers or audience’s but also entertain the audience.but really I must comment,nice work ..


  2. Dear sir,
    Application for a job
    I will like to apply for a job as an online media marketer.I am capable of getting audience who will pay enough for this piece of work,because of my past experience.I hope my request can be granted.
    Yours sincerely
    Patience Daramola

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  3. After 3 years, IX Management got no option but to be back with bang considering you guys started about a decade ago …. waiting to see what you’ll be offering … kudos

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  4. When it comes to showcasing Nigeria and Africa to the world, I want IX Magazine to be the #NumberOne reference point.

    I mean it should be that whenever they’re talking Nigeria and Africa and it’s not from IX,…i.e, IX didn’t cover or “endorse” it; then it’s not worth a thing.

    That is why I would love IX present at any cultural and other worthwhile events in Nigeria and Africa… Starting from up north going down south or vice versa.

    IX can even make Goge Africa to begin to think again you know.

    It’s nothing… It’s doable… It’s IX Magazine baby!


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