It is with great pleasure that we wish to present IX MEDIA LIMITED to you, publishers of IX magazine, a magazine aimed at showcasing Nigeria to the world through a bi-monthly publication of articles on, fashion ,entertainment tourism, arts and culture, sports and health. IX magazine is also aimed at celebrating individuals and corporate bodies who by their service delivery are impacting significantly to the growth and development of the country at large.

The logo   means IMAGE XTRAVAGANZA and also the Roman numeral number nine, here meaning NAIJA. IX magazine is a publication of IX media


The goal of IX magazine started with the desire to to showcase and promote the image of  Nigeria in a way never done before. to improve upon the image of the country through a monthly publication of the good in Nigeria that Nigerians and the world may come to see and appreciate thereby improving the image of our dear country. IX started full operation in February 2009, and it maiden edition released in August 2009 which was nominated second best magazine in Abuja by the dynamix awards university of Abuja and now has over 7000 members on face



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  1. your magazine is beautiful and is very inspiring .. it makes me want to visit your country and learn more..thank u for publishing such a great body of work


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