Face and Hair

Fashion trends-MAKE-UP making up has become such a huge business here in Nigeria


for more on bedazzle make-ups visit thier face book page just type bedazzled on ur search engine

could it ever get better than this???

Ladies Hair and make-up and what guys think about it Trend 2010

black hairstyles women_3130


Guys pre-fare darkly lined eyes,but a lot of Naija chicks are tempted to be more playful with bright colours. Common gurl, you seriously don’t want to look like a mascurate from Osun State do you?, The smokey look is definitely the dark liner plus shadow smudged in, makes your eyes seems bigger which men fine more appealing.


Hot date?if you’re not skilled with faux lashes and glue,you may want to rethink falsies “men don’t like anything that  looks fake” say Pamela Bako, “it is distracting, and they want to see the real you, lol women on the other hand,enjoy dull-on fringe for attention  it  brings. It’s   something  we  do  enjoy  as  a  pea-cockling move that makes us stand out in a crowd.


” way too much or bad make-up is a real deal breaker.But some lip-gloss and black eyelashes are better than if she has on nothing at all.It’s more feminine  is a girl wears a little make-up.It shows that she cares about how she looks, the four essentials that make a woman look better are ” a little cream concealer under the eyes, mascara, lip gloss and a touch of blush to give you face a colour.

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