To sensitize, educate and improve skills and knowledge of girls and women on all forms of sexual and gender-based violence and human trafficking
• To recognize, celebrate and reward outstanding women who by their tenacity, determination and achievements have become leaders and entrepreneurs worthy of emulation and inspiration to others. A source of encouragement for the younger generation and women worldwide
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To provide Training and participation in an international conference on conflict prevention and peace building for women leaders in northern Nigeria.
• To create Outreach activities, such as public awareness, sensitization and rallies and media activities, such as Radio, TV programs and Documentaries.
• To Effective bottom-up, three-prong approach for ending hunger and poverty: mobilizing people at the grass roots level to build self-reliance; empowering women as key change agents; and forging effective partnerships with the local government on peace building.


• To empower and invest in women and girls educationally, politically, economically and socially in order to contribute to poverty reduction.
• To improve the health and general well-being of women and girls by facilitating their access to information and clinical services on malaria, sexual and reproductive health, and rights matters.
• To increase the participation of women in peace processes and leadership positions through engagement of stakeholders.
• To improve the status of women and empower them to address their gender needs.

• To provide a uniform platform of advocacy for resolving social issues and eradicating inequalities at grass roots level for policy-level changes.

• To Inform and engage the public by using education, women entrepreneurship and advocacy skills to create a platform to increase awareness of the issues facing teen mothers and gender-based domestic violence. Life skill and leadership training for adolescence.

Women urgently need to be aware about their due rights, because women empowerment is too commonly mistaken to prejudice to men. However, the fact is that women even now are not aware of the undue responsibilities they are burdened with, and take them as normal. When law is formulated and rights are legislated for the good of people, it becomes essential for all to be vigilant and know their privileges or prerogatives.

Benefits of empowering women
When more women work the economy grows a reduction in the gap between women’s and men’s labor force participation results in faster economic growth.
For an even and rapid economic development the roles women play cannot be overlooked and swept under the carpet, for simply by sheer number women are more in population than men. And in some cultures women are the farmers even right here in Nigeria and the north.
Women play dual roles as home keepers and mothers and in many cases equal partners in providing for the family as well as the nation at large.

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