the friend zone

4-Reasons-Why-You-Should-Keep-Him-in-the-Friend-ZoneTHE FRIEND ZONE
What is the friend zone?
Okay for starters she aint your friend if you find yourself here, it obviously means you like her and want something more than being just friends, and its not like you aint got female friends or that you wanna shag all the girls that are you friends…so the question is what is the friend zone
Let me break it down to you before you break your neck
The friend zone is a prison where only peeps like you are sent to
You can call her at 1am and tell her about how bad your day go, you can hang out with her six days straight in a row,shes your best buds,your guys are like siblings, best buddies, confidents all put together but the things is you want more and she is just ok with you being just that, Nobody
Not that she don’t value you enough but she is just not into you like that and don’t want more than that from you, explanation you are just good enough to open doors,wipe her tears when she cries, give her your shoulder to lean and cry on but nope you can’t get any reward… you reward is in heaven if theres a heaven for best friends you won’t even get there cause you wanna hit that too so no you are not a patriot you just like the rest of us who wanna hit that too. And chances are that some of us eventually will but for you nope…srry bro youre in the FZ…
if you find yourself here chances are that you put yourself there
not her so if you are looking for someone to blame start with you yes you not her
the funniest thing is it may or may not even exist but it does in your mind that’s the irony
you get her without ever know how it got to that

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